Ambienta 2010. - exhibition of prototypes of furniture for kindergartens

Ferencic Company Ltd. has developed prototypes of furniture for the concept "Bombon" (“Candy”) by Neven and Sanja Kovacic.

The prototypes were exhibited at Ambienta in passage, and the prototypes will be exhibited at county chambers.


BOMBON (Candy) – one of two the first equivalent design awards


Neven Kovacic, BSc. Designer & Sanja Kovacevic BSc.

Winning work by Neven and Sanja Kovacevic is one of the few competition works, which is using solid wood as main material. It consists of elements which are connected with glue, in order to obtain the appropriate width of the surface with respect to the technical characteristics of wood, while the curved elements are connected with a hidden slot. Avoiding the use of visible metal compounds (bonds), contributes to greater safety utilizing of the product. This connection method allows extremely large number of combinations.



The whole system is built from the same shaped elements, which achieved recognition of individual elements and their logical stacking. Elements create interesting shapes by allowing expansion of the functions of individual elements. This has achieved a high level of practical value. The solution is to induce psychological and cognitive development of children, to have positive effects on socialization and development of good taste, and a large number of possible combinations of the imagination and the desire to use all these elements. The perception of child's play avoids stereotypes: children are given the opportunity to determine their own meanings of certain combinations, without standard terms such as "cuisine", "office", etc. The choice of material suggests ecological thinking and respect for the technology and use of appropriate types of light integral (solid ) wood such as fir or ash, facilitates the manipulation of the elements. The experiencing aesthetic principle of design is positive, fun and stimulating.



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