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Wood - the first choice…

The doors should be made of - wood. The biggest advantage of wooden doors is of its ecological value. EU and developed countries encourage the installation of these doors because of its durability, if properly protect and there are no problems about garbage disposal.

With all the new materials and process technologies, the majority of people will still prefer choosing the wooden door. Part of the reason is the tradition, part is the warmth and beauty of the wood as material, and partly because the knock never sounds as if hand lay on another material.

Good quality doors make beautiful residential or business area, and it is important, of course, to suit the overall architectural style and interior. Contemporary doors can be massive or glass and made of almost all available materials, veneered or made of MDF or laminates, but most often offered as wooden or veneered as most attractive and most functional, and with it, we must emphasize that the quality wooden joinery is and remain a matter of prestige.

Since its founding, the furniture factory Ferencci Ltd. is producing doors and windows from the best oak, ash and beech, or veneered door (wide variety of designs veneer) or door made of MDF, lacquered in any color. The classical laminate doors are also a part of the offer.

We can offer you also the windows that follow the design of mentioned doors…
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