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Multifunctional space

Living room is an area that takes a semi-public character. It communicates with the outside world, but it still must keep the heat of the warm home nest. He exudes harmony, with comfortable and multifunctional sofas, dedicated to multimedia home entertainment and watching television. Guests are typically located at dining tables or high bars where the conversation is taking the place while preparing lunch. The functionality of the elements reflected in the latest fitting techniques - from lifting cranes, almost invisible hinge, the mounting of decorative door (usually glass) on wooden surfaces. Corpus furniture in the living room respects certain parameters, such as color, shape, material and size. There certainly must be noted that some products are recognized as highly consistent with the trends and achievements in IT technology, multimedia and the digital lifestyle, especially the flat LCD and plasma TV screens. It is integration of individual functional areas into multi-functional solutions, and often within a single cabinet or chest of drawers which hides some an unexpected function.

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